Mediatonic Becomes Tonic Games Group

June 2020

Synova Capital (“Synova”) is excited to announce the creation of Tonic Games Group, the new parent company for developers, MediaTonic and Fortitude Games, and publishing label, The Irregular Corporation.

The Tonic Games Group family currently consists of 300 people making games globally, seven locations around the world, five studios and two publishing offices, and collaborating with third-party studios in 13 locations across its brand family.

Tonic Games Group Co-founder Dave Bailey explains: “With 2 billion people out there in the world playing games, we're excited to build a sustainable, long-term foundation for our companies to be creative, try what hasn't been tried before, and reach new audiences. The Tonic Games Group aims to support and maximise the potential of every game and every person in our family of companies.”

“Our desire to have a positive impact with the games we make (and the way we make them) stems from our care for people. Our purpose is to empower and enable others to grow and achieve more. We share a determination to survive, and to thrive, by building ambitious, sustainable games businesses that stand the test of time.”