Our partners are central to our success and we’re committed to theirs. That’s why we choose them carefully, and why they partner with us.

We create bespoke plans focusing on expansion, transformation, data, sales and talent for each investment we make.

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Software & Data

Software & Data continue to disrupt established sectors, as companies realise the power of proprietary tech to assist drives for efficiency and growth. Spanning SaaS, data analytics, process automation, and security, our strong in-house digital skills enable us to capitalise on emerging opportunities for growth within the sector.

Tech Enabled Services

Ever-changing regulation and compliance landscapes make this a dynamic sector. And for those able to navigate it, there are abundant opportunities for growth – not least in GRC and TIC outsourcing. The global Human Capital Market is also experiencing a growing demand for process automation – an area in which Synova excels.

Financial Services

The UK remains the world's leading exporter of financial services. And with tighter regulation and technological advances triggering widespread change in the sector of late, we're seeing significant opportunities for niche service providers to experience rapid growth.

Health & Education

The health and education sectors share a growing demand for innovative, technology-led services. We believe intelligent use of tech and data will be key to a brighter future in both the public and private sectors.